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Video Fun: Fresh Balls

Guys – have you ever felt, you know, “not so fresh”… down there?

Seriously, Web Watch couldn’t believe the conversation that a buddy of ours was telling about a friend of his who uses a POWDER-FILLED SOCK to apply GOLD BOND MEDICATED POWDER to, well, just about everything (if you know what we mean).

Apparently this dude has a knotted up tube sock that he just swings around, flapping powder where he needs it most, in all those hard-to-get-at places.

We can only imagine the cloud of dust that lingers all over his bathroom floor.

Fresh Balls: The Solution For Men
Fresh Balls: The Solution For Men

And apparently, he isn’t alone with the concept.  Others have also taken to online to SHARE THEIR POWDER SOCK experiences with others.

“…put about 1/2 cup Gold Bond Powder in it. I twisted the top and tied it off with a rubber band. I poofed power in all the right places…”

Heck, even the NEW YORK TIMES ended up writing an article about the FINE ART OF BALL POWDERING:

“Mr. Levy…had been working on promotions for the product, which is available in original, unscented and “tingle formula,”…and promises in its directions to alleviate “batwings,” an expression for the sticky discomfort some men experience”

And with all this talk about applying powder and lotion to one’s sack, did we really need a web posting entitled GOLD BOND IS THE BREATH MINT FOR YOUR BALLS?  As this is what makes the Internet so much fun, all we can say is “yes, this IS what the Internet is for.”

So with all that being said, here’s a commercial for FRESH BALLS.  Enjoy!