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Before you tweet that web address, you should find out how fresh that site is

2009 Internet Directory
2009 Internet Directory

We all have those friends who tell us, “please don’t email me about that website.  We’ve seen it already.”

Web Watch will admit — while we try to make every post we share with you a new and timely one, every once in a while we dig back into our website archives to bring you a link to a site or something else on the web that may be a little dusty in terms of timeliness.

Hey, it happens.  We’ve shared literally thousands of links with Web Watch readers over the years — a few of the more common sites may filter through on occasion.

So don’t let this happen to you when you’re sending out a “hey, this is cool” tweet out to your friends.

Before you click that SEND button, you may want to visit IS IT OLD?, the website that will tell you exactly how fresh your about-to-be-sent link is worth bringing to anyone’s attention.

Just type in the URL, and you’ll be told whether the link you’re about to share with others is something fresh and exciting, or if you should just abort the mission and move on to something else to talk about.