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How much money do celebrities make per Tweet?

So you’ve been following Web Watch on Twitter, and while scrolling throu our amusing Tweets, you’ve seen a Tweet from a worldwide celebrity talking about their favorite whatever of the day.

And as a consumer of said item, or as a possible advertiser of a similar (but significantly better one), you’ve often wondered what is in it for the celebrity doing the Tweeting?

Well worry no more.

Thanks to SPONSORED TWEETS, we now know the depths that celebrities would whore themselves out for, just to make a buck.

  • Snooki: $7,800 per tweet
  • Mike Tyson: $3,250
  • Bob Vila: $910
  • Jared Leto: $13,000
  • Rickey Smiley: $390
  • Chef Robert Irvine: $1,300
  • Ron Jeremy: $650

Don’t laugh: could be the best Christmas present or Birthday gift you could give your loved one, to have a personal Tweet sent out from their favorite celebrity. ┬áSure beats having to beg for an RT all the time, right?