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Be a celebrity for a day

Have you ever wanted to LIVE THE LIFE OF A CELEBRITY?

Wanted to do the things that celebrities do? Go to where celebrities go? Hang out with your favorite famous people, maybe exchange cell phone numbers?

Well, it’s all possible — for a price.

Celebrity Confessions: What Hollywood's Rich and Famous Say About Sex, Money and Success
Celebrity Confessions: What Hollywood’s Rich and Famous Say About Sex, Money and Success

Yup, celebrities will do anything – given enough money to do so.

That’s the premise behind the IF ONLY… website, where you can purchase celebrity-sized activities and events for maybe not so celebrity-sized pricing.  Let’s take a look at some of the things that are available to buy:

  • $8,000 – a group swimming lesson with Summer Sanders
  • $42,900 – Lunch with NFL legend Marshall Faulk, including tickets to a Thursday Night Football game, sideline passes, photos… and Marshall will tweet out to his followers about your day together
  • $35,000 – own Chris Cornell’s personal, customized Harley Davidson motorcycle, tickets to a concert and backstage passes
  • $116,000 – a weekend tennis getaway with Andre Agassi and Stefanie Graf in Las Vegas. Includes a two-night stay at the Bellagio penthouse, tennis clinic with Andre and Stefanie, dinner… all for up to four people
  • $150,000 – a custom designed 18-hole putting green or a single full-sized golf hole designed just for you at your house by Greg Norman. Includes official plaque.

Sure, it sounds luxurious – but it’s also for a good cause, too.  Each experience comes with a charitable aspect, where at least 10% of each payment does go to a charity of the celebrity’s choice.

So pony up some dough and let’s go hang out with a famous person. (Web Watch is available to attend with you as a thank you for letting you know about this site.)