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RealEstalker gives Inside Scoop on Celebrity Homes

Maps to Celebrity Homes

We’ve previously covered how to LOCATE CELEBRITY HOMES ON GOOGLE here on Web Watch, and it seems to have been a hit with a number of Web Watch’s visitors.

So we thought we’d offer another way for tourists to look around and gawk at those places that celebrities call home when the celebrities aren’t invading our living rooms through that magic talking box in the corner.

REAL ESTALKER is a blog dedicated to showcasing those celebrity houses and some of the inside scoop surrounding why the celebrities may have bought the house, how much the house sold for, how many bedrooms and bathrooms each house has, and other interesting tidbits.

For example, we’ve recently learned about:

Granted, the site author doesn’t claim to be providing the most accurate information around, as the site disclaimer states that “published content may include inaccurate information and no claims of accuracy by Your Mama can or should be taken seriously by anyone“.  Sounds reasonable and upholdable in court to us, but then again we are not a lawyer.