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How much is your favorite celebrity worth?

The Millionaire Next Door
The Millionaire Next Door

Do you live next door to a celebrity?

Well, let’s assume that you don’t know your neighbors very well.  In that case, it’s quite possible that you DO live next door to a celeb and don’t even know it. 

That’s because some celebrities like to keep a low-profile when it comes to their personal home life.  Web Watch had to pay a visit to a celeb’s house a while back (yeah, you’d recognize their name if we told you who it was), and their home was nestled in between two trailer parks out in the boonies – nice place, but not exactly living the glorified high life from a location viewpoint.

Which brings us to today’s question:  HOW MUCH IS YOUR FAVORITE CELEBRITY WORTH? 

The site is sorted out into different categories (richest CEOs, richest rock stars, richest baseball players, richest politicians, etc), but you can just click the “Select a Random Celebrity” to take a drunken walk through their site.

All the financial data is based on publically-accessible records, so there may be a slight discrepency or two in terms of what the celeb’s real net worth is valued at.  So with that in mind, here’s a quick rundown of some of the celebrities they have the goods on:

  • Star Jones: $18.5 million
  • Joe Namath: $18 million
  • Terry Gilliam: $40 million
  • Waylon Jennings: $7 million
  • Chelsea Clinton: $5 million
  • Dido: $45 million