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How to Find Celebrity Homes on Google Maps

Maps to Celebrities HomesSo you’re sitting around the house watching the REAL HOUSEWIVES marathon on Bravo, and you got to wondering:  we know that we always see these houses and townhomes in the shots, but where exactly do these women live?

Or maybe you want to see exactly where the Playboy Mansion is in relation to other celebrity homes in Hollywood?

Sure, you could do a couple of Google searches or type things into Google Maps to see what comes up, or you could do what Web Watch does and visit VIRTUAL GLOBETROTTER, because they’ve already done the hard part for you.

Let’s take a look at some of what they already have listed in their database:

They claim to have over 70,000 celebrity homes and other interesting mapped objects in their database.  Web Watch did see a few duplicates, but even if you run into a few here or there, getting a small peek at where celebs call home is still kinda neat.