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How to get a celebrity to join your ZOOM call

Are you jealous of all your friends bragging about how a random celebrity just happened to crash their corporate Zoom conference call?

Maybe it’s not as random as they made it out to be. Because for just a few dollars (or maybe more), you too can have Celebrity zoombombing bragging rights.

All you have to do is pop over to CAMEO and ask a celebrity to join your call.

So it’s a little more complicated than that: the celebrities are asking for money for a private one-on-one Zoom call rather than you asking them to join YOUR Zoom channel… but it’s quite possibly a negotiable option if you ask.

Some of the celebrities available include Gilbert Gottfried, Tony Hawk, and any number of reality TV or MTV personalities from their various reality shows.

Hey, it may be your only chance to ask Brett Favre for advice on your NFL fantasy draft choices. Or whether Ian Ziering would like to see the SHARKNADO series continue.

Full disclosure: the Zoom connections are a bit pricier than just asking for a celebrity to record a custom video message for you (for a wedding proposal, for example). But if that’s better for your wallet, then Cameo can help arrange that too.

Visit CAMEO for all the celebrity-connection details
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