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Your dad’s not worth as much as your mom

You know how typically “Dad” is considered the primary breadwinner in most households, while “Mom” typically manages the home and kids?

Well, what if Web Watch told you that dollar-for-dollar, Mom is worth more than Dad is?

World's Best Dad golf balls
World’s Best Dad golf balls

It’s true, at least that’s what insurance website tells us.

If you take the average Dad and measure how much he does at home each week, then compare those hours to what Dad would make if he was doing those jobs for real…. and then do the same calculations for when Mom does those same jobs… you’ll find that Dad really doesn’t do that much around the house.

For example, the average Dad will drive the family around town for a total of about 9 hours per week.  A typical taxi driver makes about $12 an hour.   That’s worth about $5200 per year, give or take.  And that’s going to be on the high side of what Dad would be worth, if you add up all his assorted household chores.

In fact, Dad will make about $20,000 if he was doing all those around-the-house jobs as his full-time role.

Moms will pull in about $60k for their familial tasks.   The bulk of Mom’s pay comes from “Taking care of the kids” and being a “Summer activity planner”.  Good work if you can get it.

Somehow, Insure determined that a Dad’s work as an exterminator (“Pest removal: spiders, gross bugs”) takes up to 4 hours per year.  Web Watch is a bit concerned about how bug-filled a house they’re living in if they’re spending that much time chasing spiders.

So if you were to fill out your “Dad Resume”, what jobs would you put on it?  Insure already started us out with some easy ones:

  • Barbecuing
  • Driving
  • Family Finances
  • Moving furniture
  • Scout leader
  • Handyman
  • Plumber

What did they leave off the list?