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25 Rules for Dads Raising Daughters

Apparently, it’s that generational time again.

Web Watch knows a large number of women who are pregnant, or couples that just have had their first child in the past year or so.  Maybe we’re just hanging out with people who happen to be of a particular “let’s have children” age in their lives right now.

We get it — having kids is usually something that’s carefully planned out and organized, and only rarely is caused by the random double-pairing of a dirty martini and a late night movie.

Oh Boy, You're Having a Girl: A Dad's Survival Guide to Raising Daughters
Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl:
A Dad’s Survival Guide to Raising Daughters

So while Web Watch knows plenty of new dads, they all seem to have one thing in common:


Daughters can be a dad’s Kryptonite.  There’s a reason that the phrase “Daddy’s Girl” exists.

Or “Princess”.

But there’s no reason that Dads should have to suffer with not knowing what a daughter expects to hear from her father.  Sons – those are easy.  Dads had been sons before.  Daughters are something else entirely.

But you shouldn’t suffer alone.  Raising a girl to be a strong, independent, successful woman is no different from what you would do to raise your son.  You just have to FOLLOW A FEW RULES FOR DADS:

  • Compliment her intelligence, don’t just tell her she’s pretty
  • Don’t keep her from playing in the mud with the boys.
  • Teach her how to take care of basic household things herself.  How to change a tire or other basic skills to keep her from being dependent on others unnecessarily.
  • Let her choose the paint color for one wall in her bedroom – then help her paint it
  • Being a little silly with her is a good thing.

There are 20 more “life lesson” type RULES FOR EVERY DAD TO FOLLOW on the link above.

How many of those are you already planning on doing tomorrow after you’ve read them?  Any that were missed that you’d put on that list yourself?