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11 Rules for Dealing with Identical Twins

One of many college-aged guys’ bucket lists is to “hook up with twins”.

Really?  What could be in your wildest dreams that you would think that twins would want YOU?  And why is it always that a guy wants to hook up with twin girls?  Where’s all the fantasy stories about a girl wanting to hook up with twin boys?

Twin Boys Gift Set
Twin Boys Gift Set

Look, growing up as a twin is hard enough as it is. You’re forever going to be compared or confused with your sibling, linked until eternity with this mostly exact match.

But if you are lucky enough to be the parent of twins, have twins as friends (or even get to date a twin), you may want to  pay attention to these 11 RULES FOR TWINS , written by a twin for her non-twin peeps.

Some of her rules include:

  • Twins don’t alway like to be dressed alike.
  • Don’t use physical differences as ways to tell twins apart – try to differentiate based on personality or hair color.
  • Don’t try to date both twins. You got one shot, you don’t get a second chance at the other one
  • Don’t buy twins matching gifts.  Worse: don’t buy twins a single gift and expect them to share it