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Want to be a clown? You gotta learn to follow The Clown Rules

Some people say that being a clown must be easy work.

Show up at a party, tell a few jokes, make some kids laugh, then get back into your clown car and drive away.

But it’s really not that simple, is it?  Things like being a clown never are.  .

Serious Play: Modern Clown Performance
Serious Play:
Modern Clown Performance

That’s because according to the WORLD CLOWN ASSOCIATION there are some specific rules that clowns need to follow, especially if they want to participate in the annual WCA COMPETITION – may the Best Clown Win!

So what are the OFFICIAL CLOWN RULES OF CONDUCT that are listed as part of the annual clown competition rules? Let’s take a look:

  • Conduct yourself as an asset to “quality clowning”
  • Absolutely no alcohol consumption is allowed either prior to or while wearing clown makeup and clown wardrobe
  • Absolutely no smoking or other tobacco use is allowed while in clown makeup and wardrobe and in public view
  • All clowns must never use a prop or other item that might offend a general audience member or embarrass the World Clown Association
  • Clowns are never to use live animals
  • No pyrotechnics.  No candles, lighters, matches, etc

Don’t laugh – clowns may be funny, but they take themselves very seriously.