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Science proves why people are afraid of clowns

Evil Clown
Evil Clown

Yes, many people are afraid of clowns.  They call it “COULROPHOBIA”

Even mentioning the word “clown” can bring some people to tears, as if they’re being tortured by a clown.

An aside — if you have the chance to see Bruce Nauman’s art piece CLOWN TORTURE, do it.  After a while, you’ll be asking yourself, “are the clowns being tortured, or are we being tortured by these clowns?” – just like these three clowns said when they were asked to view the art piece themselves.

Or, like TOO MUCH JOY said in their hit, CLOWNS:  “I hate clowns… and I hate mimes”.

Yeah, clowns can be a little polarizing.

Which is why Web Watch readers should pop over to Cheese9 and see their chart of 10 REASONS WHY PEOPLE ARE AFRAID OF CLOWNSAmong them are:

  • the diabetic nature of the clown lifestyle
  • baggy clothes hide state parole tracking devices
  • Weird body odor

and  seven other items.   Creeped out yet?  You will be…