When children are afraid of poo (and other parenting advice)

Are you a parent of a small child or toddler?

As quite a few of Web Watch’s parental friends have found out, you aren’t a parent until you experience your child pooping during bathtime.

It happens, they say. Perfectly normal.

Everyone Poops
Everyone Poops

Nothing to be ashamed of.  Kinda funny, even.

Well, Hillary Frank experienced this poop-in-the-tub problem with her own child, and WROTE A BLOG POST ABOUT IT.  The problem, however, was not the tub poo.  It was the aftermath.

After the tub poo incident, her child absolutely refused to poop on her own OR get into the tub for a bath.  It ends up that her daughter was afraid of pooping in the tub again, and was doing everything in her power to keep it in.

This wasn’t a case of being constipated; it was a bowel war to the extreme.

You’ll have to read the entire story to understand how and why Hillary got to the point she did, but the final result was the same advise that experienced parents everwhere have passed on to new parents over and over again:  just ignore the child’s screaming and complaining, and they’ll come to their senses eventually and everything will work out okay.   As Hillary sums up in the post, “You are in charge of your own poo and I know you’ll do it when you’re ready.”

But really, if you can learn one lesson from another parent about how to best raise your child, it’s this:

Don’t strive for perfect days; strive for perfect moments.

This is advice that is applicable to raising children of all ages… and even for those child-free moments as well.   Keep this in the back of your mind, and you’ll find yourself looking forward to that next perfect moment.