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Advice for the Incoming College Freshman

Surprise:  college is NOT like the movie Animal House.

Well, not entirely, anyway.

But there are some things that remain true for every college experience – looking back, it will always be remembered as having been much more fun than it actually was.

And that’s because it’s the fun times that are always remembered the most.  You won’t recall the drudgery of studying in the library all night long for some midterm exam.  But you will remember that drunken evening trading stories with some hottie while sitting on the roof of a random fraternity house… without any knowledge of how you actually ended up in that situation.

As a parent, you’re obligated to remind your offspring all the practical things to keep in mind about as your prized possession heads off to college and out of the house for the first time.

But maybe, if Web Watch can offer the advice that you wouldn’t ever hear from the parental units, you may have a much better College Experience overall.

After all, has Web Watch ever steered you wrong in the past?  (If we have, don’t answer that — just let us believe…!)

The Naked Roommate: And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College
The Naked Roommate:
And 107 Other Issues You Might Run Into in College

So what are some of the TOP SUGGESTIONS FOR A COLLEGE FRESHMAN that every college senior would want to pass along, accoding to  Here are some of what they recommend, along with some additional pieces of collegiate advice from Web Watch:

  • The “freshman 15” exists.  Watch what you eat, and be sure to stay active. Exercise, go for a run, workout in the gym — whatever it takes.  You have enough on your mind with the first year of college that getting fat because of an unlimited lunch buffet with soft-serve ice cream and kegs of beer shouldn’t add additional stress to your life.
  • You’ll be eating a lot of pizza, whether you want to or not.
  • Calling the parents for bail money is never fun. So try to to find yourself in a position where that is even a possibility.
  • Get involved.  Whether it be a campus club, the band, athletics, theater, the computer center — it doesn’t matter WHERE your involvement happens to be, but you need to join a club or activity with like-minded people.
  • Have an in-room mini-fridge?  Keep it clean.  There’s nothing worse than a stinky, sweaty college dorm room made even stinkier by somebody who doesn’t know how to throw out rotten food.  And keep the dirty take-out containers to a minimum.  When you’re done with it, throw it out.
  • You’re going to be seen naked by someone you didn’t expect to have that view, at least once.
  • Ask your professors for advice.  They do have your best interests in mind, and want you to succeed.
  • Sleep is important. There will always be another party or kegger tomorrow.
  • Don’t wander around campus alone. Things can happen.
  • Don’t worry about changing your major if you’re not seeing any benefit from it.  Some of the most successful people today are not doing anything that relates to what their college degree is in — if they graduated at all.
  • You never know whose coattail you’ll want to ride to riches and success.  Make everybody your friend, as you never know where either of you are going to be in 10-20 years.
  • Getting out of credit card and student loan debt will eat your finances alive in those first few years out of college. Try to minimize your spending whenever possible.