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Hey college kids! Hope your parents don’t see your picture on PASSED OUT PHOTOS

Peter Griffin Passed Out Drunk
Peter Griffin, Passed Out Drunk

Question for our Web Watch readers:  how many drinks does it take before you pass out?

Here’s a better question:  when was the last time you drank so much that you did pass out?

Better still:  does anyone have photos of you passed out?

You can bet that in today’s world of cellphones, digital cameras, twitpic, Facebook, Flickr and other photo-sharing places, that nobody is allowed to pass out drunk anymore in the privacy of their own bathroom or bedroom.

That’s right – passing out has now become a public spectacle, perhaps not suitable for America’s Funniest Home Videos, but perfectly fine for PASSED OUT PHOTOS.

All the popular passed out drunk photos are here:

  • Let’s draw a penis on his face
  • Let’s stack things on the drunk guy
  • Naked in the bathroom
  • Puke in the hair
  • Room destruction

And more.  Aren’t you proud of what digital technology has done for today’s college kids?