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More of the Most Common Facebook Photos and Poses

A few months ago, Web Watch presented the TOP 20 MALE POSES SEEN ON FACEBOOK, but that appears to be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stereotypical Facebook photos and poses.

Urban Dictionary even has a definition for “Facebook Pose”:   An “I look so good from this angle” pose that people pull when someone is taking a picture of them that is likely to appear on facebook. Such pictures are usually taken at a concert/party/club, and are posted for no reason other than to make people appear successful popular and like they have a life.


  1. The flattering, pretty picture
  2. The picture with the ugly folks cropped out
  3. The funny drinking/drunk picture
  4. The artsy photo
  5. The “hey, look at me!” photo
  6. The photo of the happy couple

A very well-thought out single listing, THE 30 STANDARD FACEBOOK PROFILE PHOTO STYLES seems to cover the gamut of every cheesy pose you’ll run across on Facebook (with example photos that just need to be seen):

  1. The Modified Cartoon Portrait
  2. The Reflective Sunglasses
  3. The Just Married Shot
  4. The Photo Booth Warhol Shot
  5. I’m A Photographer Shot
  6. I’m a Family Man
  7. The Where’s Waldo Shot
  8. Last Name Sign Shot
  9. I Love My Pet Photo
  10. I’m On A Boat or Plane
  11. This Is Not Me Cartoon Photo
  12. The I’m Not Richie Rich Shot
  13. The Personal Branding Master
  14. The College Poster Photo
  15. I’ve Got a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Photo
  16. Change the World Photo
  17. Sky Backdrop Headshot
  18. The Tourist Landmark Photo
  19. Personal Paradise
  20. The Joke Photo
  21. In A Mirror Shot and/or the extended arm shot.
  22. The New Toy Shot
  23. The Middle Finger Shot
  24. This is My Baby!
  25. Me As a Baby
  26. The Jokester Photo
  27. Here You Go Shot
  28. On Vacation Photo
  29. Professional Headshot
  30. This is Me Shot


  1. The “I’m really deep” pose, taken while not looking at the camera
  2. The “look at me while I’m doing wacky, unexpected stuff” picture
  3. The “check out my kids and family” picture
  4. The “I’m out in nature, not cooped up on the computer” photo
  5. The “taken at the last minute because I needed to put something on my Facebook page” picture

And so our search continues.  The point of this?  If you’re going to post a Facebook profile picture:  don’t do any of the things listed here.  Be different.