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How to pick the best photos for your online dating profile

Dating Online Christmas Ornament
Dating Online Christmas Ornament

Successful online dating requires a few things.

The least of which is an adequate photo of yourself to apply to your online dating profile.


One of the things to avoid in your photo are other people.  Especially if they look like your ex; even more so if you can still see them in the picture.  Cutting them out, pasting graphics on top of the other faces — all of that will make you look creepy.  You’ve got to have a picture of just your head lying around your computer somewhere, right?  Why not use that one?

Next, be sure that the photo really reflects who you are.  Don’t be seen posing with fancy cars, electronics, people, or stripper poles unless you really do hang out with fancy cars, electronics, people, or stripper poles. 

While you’re at it, take a look at the surroundings in the photo.  Do you want to be known as the person who can only take a picture in the bathroom?  Is the background a messy clutter-zone?  Do you see a naked guy in a teapot

And even if you don’t see a naked guy in the photo, posting a half-naked photo of yourself is not really necessary either.  Unless you’re also on a horse, in which case it’s perfectly okay.

Don’t show a picture of you with a baby if you don’t actually have a baby of your own.  Same goes for pictures of you with a dog or other pet that isn’t yours.

So what types of photos work?  Clear, focused, well-lit recent photos of you smiling in a natural setting.  Try for both a headshot and one that shows off a bit more physique (for better or worse), just in case you need it.

If you do have a pet, a photo of you with your pet is always a winner.  And if you have any interesting hobbies that showcase you well, try incorporating those into the photo too.  The whole point is to show off how well-rounded and interesting you are, that you are not singularly focused in any one area… and that other people like you, and like hanging out with you.