How To

Do you need a Dating Investigator?

Dating used to be so much easier before than it is today.

Before, all you had to do was use your gut instinct on whether that guy or gal was going to be the right one for you, or if you felt that they had any excess baggage dragging them along.

DSI--Date Scene Investigation: The Diagnostic Manual of Dating Disorders
DSI–Date Scene Investigation:
The Diagnostic Manual of Dating Disorders

But today?

Gut instinct has gone by the wayside in favor of technology.  No longer do you have to guess whether that person is a creep or a clinger – now you can back that up with facts taken from various online sources.

In fact, 72% of US ADULTS DO SOME SORT OF ONLINE INVESTIGATION about their potential dates or mates.

What are the types of research that people do? It all depends on what you’re trying to get out of the relationship.  58% do research into their mate’s past.  31% will look to see if anyone in their circle of friends could possibly know that potential mate.

82% of those surveyed try to do all this research before even accepting a first date offer.

So how do you research your potential hook-up?  And is it rude to do that Googling while you’re still hitting on them in the bar before taking them back to your place?