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What’s the perfect age gap while dating?

What’s the age difference between you and your current partner?

Are you one who likes your spouse to be a little bit older than you are, or perhaps a little younger?

Times have past since our parents’ generation, where it was not unusual to marry your high school sweetheart, someone who you graduated with in the same class.  Or even those times when your soulmate was just one year ahead or behind you.

Tutored by a Cougar (May-December Romance)
Tutored by a Cougar (May-December Romance)

Web Watch has long said that the IDEAL DATING AGE RANGE was supposed to be “half your age, plus seven”.

Of course, what sounds delightful to a 40-year-old man, who realizes that he could hook-up reasonably well with a 27-year-old woman… seems a bit off-putting when that same 40-year-old man finds out that math works the other way, too – and that he’s a fine catch for a 66-year-old woman.

Doesn’t seem to work in both directions very well, does it?

Well, ACCORDING TO NEW RESEARCH ABOUT MAY-DECEMBER ROMANCES, it’s been determined that there actually is a best-advised age range for any successful relationship:

Four years, four months.  And the woman should be younger than the man.

So our 40-year-old man should be looking for that almost 36-year-old woman to live happily ever after with.

So let’s take our own poll here at Web Watch, shall we?  Just post in the comments below how long your current relationship is, and what the age difference is between the two of you.  Let’s see if the law of averages will hold this survey true.