Does the Creepy Dating Rule really work?

We’ve all heard about the CREEPY DATING RULE, where you’re not supposed to date anyone younger than half your age + 7, right?

So if you’re 30 years old, you can’t date anyone younger than 22 years old.  And flipping that around – if you’re 30, you shouldn’t date anyone older than 46 years old.

22 years old through 46 years old.  That sounds like a pretty reasonable dating age range, don’t you think?

Stop Being Creepy
Stop Being Creepy

But the question is whether people actually pay attention to the CREEPY DATING RULE or if it’s merely a myth.

If you crunch the numbers, as RANDY OLSON DID USING DATA FROM THE DATING SITE, you’ll see that the answer is…


Yes, people DO pay attention to the Creepy Dating Rule and don’t typically aim to date partners that are too young for themselves.  Of course, they’re not really going for partners that are significantly older either – but the key takeaway is that SCIENCE HAS PROVEN THAT PEOPLE AREN’T AS CREEPY AS YOU MIGHT THINK!

Go figure.