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Differences between women dating men and women dating women

Web Watch readers are a fairly open-minded, social bunch of folks.

You all like hanging out together, meeting new people.  But it does bring up one vital question: what’s the difference between “hanging out with a friend” and “being on a date”?

The Guide to Picking Up Girls
The Guide to Picking Up Girls

And the question becomes even more complicated when we’re talking about same-sex couples.

That’s the question raised on the blog post entitled HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE ON A DATE WITH A LESBIAN OR IF YOU’RE JUST TWO PRETTY GIRLS HANGING OUT by Samantha.

First, Web Watch just wants to say that the best relationships are those that start out as friends hanging out before you begin dating. That way, you can establish those common likes and dislikes before you get to the question of whether there is any long-term sexual compatibility or not.

But when it comes to those delicate, ahem, “personal” moments that could arise during a date, there is one distinct difference between men dating women vs women dating women or men dating men.  When a man is on a date with a woman, there is no question when excusing that said activity would be a solo experience.  Men can go and pee in private; women can escape to the women’s lounge to make their emergency phone call to their friends to come and rescue them from a Date From Hell.

But when it’s a same-sex couple, the chances of having to share that personal bathroom time by oneself approaches zero.

Which can be especially troublesome if one has any amount of gastronomic distress.  Paraphrasing from the linked post:

i had the kind of diarrhea that makes you stop believing in god and i was like, “i’m just going to go to the bathroom before we get our seats” and she said, “i have to pee, too” and i was like “peace out, sister” before i remembered that SHE HAS THE SAME PRIVATE PARTS AND WE ARE GOING INTO THE SAME BATHROOM… AND I HAVE TO S*** AND SHE WILL HEAR THAT IT’S NOT JUST A REALLY LONG PEE.  THIS IS SO SEXY.  So I was like, “um, okay” and we walked into the bathroom together. I tried to choose a far stall but every lesbian in Chicago was at that concert and IN THAT BATHROOM.  Can an evening really get more mortifying than fiery liquid stools in public?

Some of the other points that Samantha wants to make about dating someone of the same sex instead of dating across genders:

  • Dating a woman? They notice EVERYTHING.  Men typically won’t.
  • Texting from the bathroom won’t “weird out” someone you’re not dating
  • When a woman dates another woman, who’s responsible for holding open doors, pulling back chairs, or taking the date’s coat?

That’s right. Same-sex dating can lead to embarassing bathroom experiences sooner than expected in an early relationship, among leading to other questions — especially if one heterosexual (but open) person ends up on a one-on-one “date-like” experience with someone in the same sex.   All sorts of unexpected questions and situations to think through, more than the usual.

So what about you, Web Watch readers – do same-sex couples have any other first date horror stories that opposite-sex couples would never encounter until they reach the “move-in together” stage in life?