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Red Flag Alert! How to tell when you’re dating a loser

Web Watch has spent enough time out at bars and restaurants to recognize when a date seen across the room is heading in the wrong direction.

It could be a subtle sign, like a couple sitting at the table not talking to each other or engrossed in their cellphones instead of each other — or it could be something a bit more blatant, such as a heated discussion that slowly escalates to the point where the whole room is involved in some manner.

Heck, even when if comes to married life, we know plenty of couples who should have seen the writing on the wall well before the divorce papers were a conversation topic… if only they had asked us for our honest opinion of where we thought their relationship was heading.

Red Flags: How to Know When You're Dating a Loser
Red Flags: How to Know When You’re Dating a Loser

So that’s why a website like 100 RED FLAGS is so invaluable for everyone who is currently in a relationship or about to be in one.

It’s a list of the 100 RED FLAGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT before you start dating.  In other words, ways you can tell that SHE is not THE ONE FOR YOU.

Now, Web Watch doesn’t quite agree with all of their warning signs.  Red Flag #13 about “refusing to sing karaoke” just doesn’t make any sense for everyone.  We know plenty of people that you Just Don’t Want To Hear Sing.  And we thank them for knowing this about themselves ahead of time, to prevent us from going through that pain.

Some of the other Red Flags you should be aware of:

  • She pats her pizza down with a napkin before eating it, to remove the excess grease
  • She’s a bartender
  • She owns granny panties (really? Are there any women out there who DON’T own a pair or two of granny panties?)
  • She’s from Texas
  • She has fake boobs
  • She’s never had a one-night stand