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How to design a flag in 5 easy steps

Everybody needs a flag to rally behind.

But who wants to use the same old flag that everybody else gets to use?  Why not design your own?  Betsy Ross did, and look how well that did for her…

But design your own flag?  Why do that when there are so many existing flags out there to choose from?

The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion
The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion

Why go to all the trouble? How else could your flag be featured on SHELDON COOPER’s FUN WITH FLAGS VIDEO PODCAST?

So you’ve decided to make your own flag.  Did you know there were FIVE BASIC PRINCIPLES OF FLAG DESIGN that you should follow as you work towards your masterpiece?  According to the NORTH AMERICAN VEXILLOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION they are:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Use meaningful symbols
  3. Use at most just three colors
  4. No letters. No organization seal.
  5. Be unique, distinctive… but if you’re related to something, then maybe a similarity to showcase that relationship