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How to design a flag in 5 easy steps

Everybody needs a flag to rally behind.

But who wants to use the same old flag that everybody else gets to use?  Why not design your own?  Betsy Ross did, and look how well that did for her…

But design your own flag?  Why do that when there are so many existing flags out there to choose from?

The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion
The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion


This was the very first Photoshopped image

In today’s technology age, it’s easy to identify the history of certain things.

The first phonebook?  Hard to know.  The first wristwatch? Questionable.

The origin of the sandwich? We know the (supposed) story, but we aren’t able to pinpoint the exact ingredients or date that the sandwich was invented.


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Get your own custom Cartoon Character

Everybody knows someone who spent all day doodling on their school notebooks.

And once in a while, you’d look over and say, “hey – that looks cool.  Draw me!”   And that never actually turns out the way you’d think, like Jack drawing Rose on the Titanic.  It ends up something more… grotesque.

Learn to Draw Disney: Celebrated Characters Collection: Including your Disney/Pixar Favorites!
Learn to Draw Disney:
Celebrated Characters Collection: Including your Disney/Pixar Favorites!


The Chip Shop Awards: What advertising should be

Have you seen the classic Dudley Moore movie CRAZY PEOPLE?

It was about a burned-out advertising executive that decided that Truth in Advertising was more important than lying to potential consumers about what a product could or couldn’t do.

Like the oft-quoted line about Volvo cars back in the day, “Boxy, but safe”.  True on both accounts.


Photoshop Fun: Calvin and Hobbes edition

Web Watch readers can generally agree – the Best Comic Strip of All Time is (was) Calvin & Hobbes.

Sure, there will be some naysayers that will claim that the best comic strip was The Far Side, or maybe Bloom County.  Granted, those comics were awesome in their own way, but they never really captured the heart of what a daily strip was at the time to be looked at 20 years later in fondness for what might-have-been had it continued.

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Art as Music. Music as Art. (or, How to visualize a song)

Do you – or someone you know – suffer from SYNESTHESIA?

That’s the neurological condition where someone experiences one sense at the same time (or in place of) experiencing it in the traditional way.

One of Web Watch’s friends has this condition, and when they hear specific words, they also end up visualizing that word in front of them at the same time.  Some people see colors by smell, or can hear what tree bark sounds like by touching it.

Look, we know that the above isn’t the best explanation about what’s going on in some people’s heads, but the point is that some people just are better at visualizing things in a manner that the rest of us could just never understand.

Funny Websites

SFW Porn

Are you that Web Watch reader who’s stuck at work, just hankering to look at some images that your company would consider to be NSFW (that’s “not safe for work”, for those new Web Watch readers who may not be familiar with the term).

Look – Web Watch understands that some of our readers may be a bit addicted to pornography, so we’re here to help.  We’ve found a website that’s perfectly acceptable for you to view at work, even though it is 100% filled with explicit, pornographic images.

Disney Websites

Disney Princesses in Real Life, a photo essay

Jirka Väätäinen is a Finnish design student at Bournemouth, and he wants to be very clear that his name is pronounced “Yirka”, not “Jerk-a”.

Web Watch has no reason to quibble with him on this, as he’s doing some phenomenal work on RE-IMAGINING DISNEY PRINCESSES as if they were real-life people.

Sure, we’ve seen some other examples of this with live models, but Jirka is taking a slightly different approach on this with his photo-realistic, manipulations that are designed to showcase what the Disney Princess would look like as an actual person.

Not a cartoon caricature, but really-for-real people.

Let’s take a quick look…