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Brianna Garcia’s Disney Princess art gallery inspires real-life Princess photo

So the other day, Web Watch was browsing through TheChive’s Daily Randomness when we ran across this picture:

Disney Princesses making Funny Faces
Disney Princesses making Funny Faces

And we said to ourselves, “by golly, we’ve seen this before.”

And sure enough, we had.

The Art of the Disney Princess
The Art of the Disney Princess

We saw a cartoon version of this when we were browsing through BRIANNA GARCIA’S ART GALLERY a while back.  Brianna is a graphic artist known in Disneyland circles who has done a number of Disney- and Disneyland-related sketches and artwork, along with other freelance work.

Smile for the Camera - by Bri Chan
Smile for the Camera – by Bri Chan

Brianna’s graphic version of the above photo was done back in 2006, and was inspired by THIS graphic of Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora called “Disney Princess Funny Faces”, posed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland by Anime-Ray.   Brianna says that “Smile” has even been passed around Disney Consumer Products as an example of what the Princesses should not be shown doing.

Other than the addition of Tinker Bell (who has magically transformed herself into a Princess-sized pixie for the photo), the Princesses obviously have taken Brianna’s graphic to heart in their recreation of the cartoon piece.

Brianna’s art has inspired other Disney Princesses and cosplay Princesses to make their own versions as well, shown here:

Princess Cosplay
Princess Cosplay
More Princess Funny Faces
More Princess Funny Faces

Brianna says that she received a photo copy of the Walt Disney World Princesses recreating her art – but Web Watch is unsure which one is the version she is referring to of those we’ve seen.  While Web Watch thinks the top photo is really the superior version in its recreation of Brianna’s artwork, we also think the Princesses in the last photo are closer to the real deal, if you know what we mean.   If you know for sure where the above photos were taken, post the information in the comments and we’ll be sure to provide proper credit.

In any case, take the time to browse through Brianna’s art gallery.  There’s some great stuff there.

UPDATE:  more “Funny Disney Princess Making Faces” cosplay photos have surfaced —

Funny Disney Princess Cosplay
Funny Disney Princess Cosplay
Ryoko Demon's Crazy Disney Princesses
Ryoko Demon’s Crazy Disney Princesses

UPDATE: A new Funny Princess photo has surfaced, this one taken from a photo set shot at the 2010 COMIC*CON CONVENTION held in SAN DIEGO.  Photographer Britt Dietz posted an article on his blog about his experience in photographing Disney Princesses at both the 2009 and 2010 ComicCon conventions, and how this particular recreation of Brianna’s SMILE FOR THE CAMERA portrait came about.

Disney Princesses Making Funny Faces at ComicCon in 2010

Britt filled in one small gap for us — the person dressed up as Alice in this most recent version of the picture is none-other than Brianna Garcia herself!  Here’s how Britt described how the photo came together this year:

“Last year (2009) I had the honor of being a photographer for a rather popular group of gals at Comic Con; often refereed to as the Sexy Princess group. Many of them are really close friends, and I spent most of my Saturday at the Con last year helping them out and snapping shots. This year, I offered to do studio type of shoots in the hotel room with a portable studio setup to get some high quality shots of them before they set out into the sea of people wanting to take their photos at the Con. It worked out great since a few of them were staying with me in the hotel, and so the decision was made to have them all get ready in the hotel room. I set up the studio in one corner of the room (it was a very large hotel room with two joining rooms), and had a one by one photoshoot with each of the gals once they finished getting ready. It was a lot of fun, though we found ourselves often running out of pose ideas on the spot, which was pretty funny considering how much I’ve shot the actual Disney Princesses at Disneyland. After each gal had been photographed, we recreated the now world-wide famous artwork of Bri-Chan (Brianna) with the Princesses making funny faces and smothering Alice, who was Brianna for this photo! The result was by far the closest we’ve gotten yet to her artwork”

It looks like this most recent photo has the some of the same princesses as in the original photo at the top of this post. If so, then we may be able to finally give that picture an official credit to its photographer and the happy participants.


UPDATE: a new Funny Disney Princess photo has surfaced, with yet more parody or Brianna’s original graphic:


Funny Disney Princess Faces in Chicago
Funny Disney Princess Faces in Chicago

The above photo, from The Enthusiasts, was taken at the 2011 Anime Central convention in Chicago.  You can read more about Princess Tiana’s transformation into a Disney Princess on the related article posted on ChicagoNow, and you can view even more photos from the convention featuring the Disney Princesses shown above on Elemental’s Convention Gallery website.


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first of all, i just wanna say some things, since i have been dying to say them for a long time: one, yes katherine, aurora’s dress doesn’t even have a zipper, it’s opened all the time, which brings me to my next point, two. they should be called the Slutty Disney Princesses. i don’t know why i feel so strongly about this, because i guess i’m a little conservative, but not THAT much. three, i can’t stand the model for cinderella. the others are acceptable, sleeping beauty and alice need some work, but i really am sorry, but she’s just so ugly. and Alice and tinkerbell are not princesses, which bugs me to no end! ok, apologies, i’m done being a bitch. :) the photo labeled “More Princess Funny Faces” was taken at Disney Wold

Brianna Garcia is also the Alice in your original picture and in the group picture with the Mad Hatter.

To whom it may concern, i was wondering my daughter has her room of Ariel the little mermaid and she watches a video which is a tribute to Ariel and it says art by Brianna. So her birthday is coming up and i was wondering do you draw sketches of Ariel for people to buy online. If so were would i be able to purchase one.

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