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Want some twisted takes on Disney Princesses? Check out Jeffrey Thomas’ art gallery

Sleeping Beauty series of books by Anne RiceThe other day, Web Watch wrote about Brianna Garcia’s artistic take on the Disney Princesses.

Compared to this artist, Brianna’s princesses are all sugar and spice and everything nice, because JEFFREY THOMAS’ PRINCESS ART has a decidedly different twist.

Twisted Princess Ariel by jeftoon01
Twisted Princess Ariel by jeftoon01

All of Jeff’s artwork draws some inspiration from a darker side of the Happiest Place on Earth, with his take on all the Princesses (Snow White, Cinerella, Aurora), along with Mickey Mouse, Captain Jack Sparrow, and other Disney – and non-Disney – characters being a bit more sinister than some folks would probably like.

As Walt once said when asked why his films often dealt with some horrific topics for children (Pinocchio getting swallowed by a whale and then dying and Bambi’s mother getting shot are just two examples that easily come to mind), “for every laugh, there should be a tear“.  Jeff’s artwork certain qualifies for the latter — giving a perfect balance for the former provided by Brianna in her gallery.

If this type of Princess art interests you, you may want to pick up a copy of THE ART OF THE DISNEY PRINCESS, a coffee table book filled with many artists’ take on the classic Disney Princess style.

The Art of the Disney Princess

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