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How to design a flag in 5 easy steps

Everybody needs a flag to rally behind.

But who wants to use the same old flag that everybody else gets to use?  Why not design your own?  Betsy Ross did, and look how well that did for her…

But design your own flag?  Why do that when there are so many existing flags out there to choose from?

The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion
The American Flag: Art, Design, Fashion

Funny Video

Video Fun: Your balls are beautiful; so are you.

Yes, it’s a parody.

Yes, it was released some time last year, but it may be new to you.

And yes, it’s funny. Even funnier if you can figure out a way to hire a police sketch artist and do this in real life.

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The worst website you’ve ever seen

Remember Geocities?

That was the service that really loved to make you go into epileptic seizures with lots of blinking text and crazy colors.  It was painful to visit, let alone read any of the content people bothered to post on their sites.

So fast-foward to today… and guess what?  We really haven’t moved very far away from what Geocities had left us with.

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Art as Music. Music as Art. (or, How to visualize a song)

Do you – or someone you know – suffer from SYNESTHESIA?

That’s the neurological condition where someone experiences one sense at the same time (or in place of) experiencing it in the traditional way.

One of Web Watch’s friends has this condition, and when they hear specific words, they also end up visualizing that word in front of them at the same time.  Some people see colors by smell, or can hear what tree bark sounds like by touching it.

Look, we know that the above isn’t the best explanation about what’s going on in some people’s heads, but the point is that some people just are better at visualizing things in a manner that the rest of us could just never understand.


Children’s drawings reimagined into awesomeness

Are you one of those parents who look at your child’s crayon drawings and know exactly what it is that they drew?

Or do you just mumble something along the lines of, “Oh, that’s very nice, dear. Let me put this in the kitchen for everyone to see,” where you then casually and mistakenly throw it away?

Because really, are any child’s drawings really any good?  Coloring books don’t encourage creativity – all they do is stifle a child’s natural tendency to create something that they like.

Coloring between the lines is for followers, not leaders.

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Just in time for MOVEMBER, the “Moustair”

Mustache Mug
Mustache Mug

Are you one of those guys who decided to grow a mustache for Movember, to bring awareness for men’s health issues?

Some of you may remember that Web Watch brought Movember to your attention a few years ago, and we’re thrilled that it’s grown into the worldwide phenomenon that it has become, in part because of us.

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Decorating the office with Post-It Notes

Post-it Notes
Post-it Notes

When non-destructive, office pranks can be fun.

Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with inflated balloons?  Fun.  Filling up somebody’s cubical or office with Silly String?  A little bit of a mess to clean-up, and usually left to the victim to do so on their own.

Web Watch has even covered an entire office’s items in tin foil and wrapping paper.  Definitely time-consuming and an absolute waste of money, but entertaining.   The best one we did was sheetrocking over the boss’s office door and painting the wall so it looked like the office was never there in the first place.  Oh, we’re still laughing about that one.

But sometimes it’s nice to include others in your office shenanigans.

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Make your own Customized Crayola Crayon Box

Crayola Crayon 6464-crayon Crayolas

There is a hierarchy of crayons in school.

The average child starts out with the standard 8-color box of Crayola crayons.  Web Watch is quite fond of this one, as we never really got past the fact that there are different color Reds and Blues in today’s world. To us, it’s either “red” or “blue”, with none of those various shades.

As you got older, you would get the 16 or 24-count box of Crayolas.

Eventually, you’d be lucky enough to get the holy grail: the famed 64-count box of Crayola Crayons with the built-in sharpener in the box.

Eventually, even that was too boring, and Crayola came out with the 128-count box. Yeah, those kids were living the good life.  They may not have been able to draw worth a darn, but they had all the tools available if they tried.