Prince was right: Purple bedrooms are voted “most romantic”

What color is your bedroom?

Do you like a vibrant, brothel-colored RED bedroom?  Or are you more of a cool, soothing off-white neutral color (because it helps with the home sale)?

Colors can certainly affect ones mood – but now surveys show us that there’s one mood that color REALLY has an effect on:

Harold and the Purple Crayon
Harold and the Purple Crayon

In the bedroom.

Because it ends up that YOUR BEDROOM COLOR can define how much sex you and your partner have.

Purple bedrooms, just as Prince would say, really do make things more romantic.  People who slept in purple bedrooms reported having an average of 3.49 romantic sessions per week.

No, Web Watch won’t make a joke about what constitutes .49 of a lovemaking evening.

What are the other color rankings for romance?

  • Red:  3.18 average sessions per week
  • Sky Blue: 3.14
  • Pink:  3.02
  • Black: 2.99
  • Navy Blue: 2.76
  • Yellow: 2.43
  • Orange: 2.36
  • Brown: 2.1
  • White: 2.02
  • Beige: 1.97
  • Green: 1.89
  • Grey: 1.8

So, now that you know why we were asking what color your bedroom was, why don’t you leave your own comment below with your bedroom color and whether you feel it adds or detracts from your romantic activities…