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What color should you paint your bedroom?

Are you getting a good night’s sleep?

Maybe it has nothing to do with how much caffeine you’re ingesting after 2pm.  Maybe it has nothing to do with eating sweets after dinner.  Maybe you don’t have to worry about too much exercise after 6p giving your body too much adreneline.

Maybe it’s something much more basic than all that.

The New Color Book: 45,000 Color Combinations for Your Home
The New Color Book: 45,000 Color Combinations for Your Home

Maybe, just maybe, it has to do with the COLOR YOUR BEDROOM IS PAINTED that is having an effect on your sleep cycles.

A study by TRAVELODGE looked at the amount of sleep people were getting each night and compared it to the color that people had painted their bedrooms.

The study showed that PEOPLE WITH BLUE BEDROOMS slept longer — more than 10 minutes longer — than people who had their bedrooms painted the 2nd place color, yellow.  People who slept in a blue bedroom could expect to sleep an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes.

How does this compare to other colors?  Let’s just say you’ll want to avoid sleeping in a brown or purple room, where you’d get almost an entire hour less sleep than what a blue room provides you.

What else does a bedroom paint color provide you?  How about a more welcoming romantic environment?

People with a red bedroom – where red is often considered the “color of love” – found themselves making love only once per week.  Compare that to the practical bunny-hopping folks in the caramel colored bedroom, with their three times a week lovemaking festivities.

So yes, the color of your bedroom can definitely affect your life, both in sleep and in love.

So choose wisely…