Here’s proof that women love men who love trucks

There are three things that every woman thinks about when she’s considering going out with someone on a blind date:

  • What do they look like?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What kind of car do they drive?

For better or for worse, whether their potential mate drives a car or not is of some level of significance to women to the point that it’s one of the leading questions that are asked about said dating partner.

Ford F-150 STX Pickup Truck Red
Ford F-150 STX Pickup Truck Red

Maybe there’s something to be said about women’s taste in men, because the TYPE OF CAR THEY DRIVE DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

That’s because 32% of those surveyed – nearly 1/3 of all women – said that they prefer PICK-UP TRUCKS for their men.   Sports car, the choice that most men think that women like, came in at 27%.

Does this seem accurate to you?  Or do you prefer to date someone who drives something more sensible and safe, like a Volvo?