Feeling lonely, men? Guess what – women prefer to sleep with their pets

Web Watch knows a lot of women who love their pets. A lot.

We know that they dote on their pets to such a great extent, that the pets are truly part of the family – even to the extent that these women would rather spend time with their pets than go on a date.

To them, their pets will always come first.

Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone
Music Cats Love: While You Are Gone

So when Web Watch read a recent survey from CONSUMER REPORTS about HOW PEOPLE FEEL ABOUT THEIR PETS, we weren’t surprised to see that the survey showed that more women than men prefer to sleep with their pets.

We were surprised, however, at the huge percentage difference in the report.  70% of women surveyed said that they sleep with their pet, versus just 57% of men who said the same.

Maybe women are just more into cuddling, no matter what they’re cuddling up against.  On the other hand, women who choose to cuddle with their pet really shouldn’t be complaining about the amount of body hair the men in their lives have.  That so many women don’t seem to be upset about a little bit of dog or cat hair in their bed should mean that hairy men everywhere have a chance.

Of those who were sleeping with their pets, a whopping 75% of cat owners were more likely to be sleeping with their pet, versus just 55% of dog owners.

Some of the other findings in the Consumer Report survey were:

  • 2% of men and 2% of women surveyed have created a Facebook or other social media account for their pet.
  • 12% of men and 14% of women dress their pets up in “cute” outfits.  Of those who do this, 18% were dog owners, while just 5% of cat owners would dress up their pets.
  • The average amount of money spent on a pet’s single visit to the vet was $609.  But the most they would spend to save their pet’s life was $1824 for dog owners vs $1309 for cat owners