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More scientific proof that men are funnier than women (but your spouse is funny, too)

Web Watch has previously written about how MEN ARE FUNNIER THAN WOMEN before, so in some ways reporting on these latest findings is a bit like rubbing salt into a wound.

The difference in this survey is that the participants couldn’t consider any professional comedians in their answers… and even with that caveat, the results still came out the same.

Rank Ladies: Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American Vaudeville
Rank Ladies:
Gender and Cultural Hierarchy in American Vaudeville

That’s what the Augusta State University psychology department found out in a recent survey to DETERMINE THE FUNNIER GENDER.

They asked 136 people to name the seven funniest people they know, excluding celebrities and professional comedians.

What they found was that overwhelming, both men and women listed men more often than women.

More interesting in the results was the number of times that the participants listed their significant other on their list of Funniest People They Know.

30% of women listed their significant other in their top three – proving the oft-quoted Playboy Playmate response of “makes me laugh” as something she looks for in a man.  For men, just 10% listed their partner at the top of their list.