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Read this if you’re wondering whether your cell phone is covered with fecal matter

Talking on the Phone While Sitting on the Toilet
Talking on the Phone While Sitting on the Toilet

Show of hands — how many of you have used your cell phone while using the bathroom?

Web Watch has one friend who does most of their best talking while sitting… although they are polite enough to not flush while the call is going on (we hope that they are only being that courteous while at home rather than being THAT person at the office who doesn’t flush).

Women, we can understand — they’re used to having full-blown conversations with the other gaggle of women who go to the bathroom en masse.  So picking up the phone to take care of business while they’re actually Taking Care of Business is not a surprise.   But men have that unwritten rule about no talking in the restroom, so when some D-Bag come barrelling in, yammering away on their Bluetooth headset as if they’re More Important Than Everyone Else kinda ruins the silent sanctity of the Men’s Room.

But how prevalent is this phone/bathroom relationship?

11Mark took it upon themselves to ask 1000 Americans about their phone-in-the-bathroom habits, and compiled that data into a report they call IT IN THE TOILET.

Here’s some of what they found:

  • No surprise: 74% men/76% women said that they’ve used their phone in the bathroom
  • Of those using their phone, while 63% have answered the phone… 41% have STARTED the phone calls while doing their duty.
  • Those using Android phones are more likely to use their phones in the bathroom, at 87%.
  • Blackberry users were 84%… and were the ones most likely to answer their phones in the bathroom
  • 77% were iPhone users.
  • 91% of “Gen Y” would use a phone in the bathroom.  Compare that to the 65% baby boomers who surf while sitting.
  • 22% of iPhone users have made a purchase while “dropping the kids off at the pool”.