It’s true: old people hate cell phones

Who would have imagined that we would ever carry a phone around with us in our pocket, with the ability – more or less – to reach out and call anybody we want to, no matter where in the world they are, for practically free?

If you had asked your grandparents when they were growing up if they thought this would be possible, they’d tell you were out of your mind, McFly.

But here we are, with everyone from the age of 10 on up, with a phone in their pocket.

So now what?

Let’s get that inevitable question about CELL PHONE ETIQUETTE out of the way:  WHEN IS IT APPROPRIATE TO USE YOUR CELLPHONE IN PUBLIC?

Well, it partially depends on how old you were.

If you were over 50 years old, you actually frown on the younger generations’ acceptance of the omnipresent cellphone.  Sure, old people use cellphones, but they tend not to be as attached at the hip, as it were, as those who are under 50 years of age.

  • 52% said that you should be able to use your phone during work meetings, presumably to take a call that wasn’t related to the meeting itself
  • 28% said to go ahead and use your phone during dinner
  • 9% are total jerks who use their phones at the movie theatre