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It’s true: women hate beards

Women: do you like your men clean-shaven, or with some sort of facial hair?

Oh, don’t kid yourself. 

We know that you’re going to say that you like the casual, rough look of a slightly unshaven Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

But really, that’s just a cop-out.  Let’s compare apples to oranges here, and keep your choices to (a) clean shaven, and (b) a full-on, minimum 6-week’s worth of growth, manly man beard.

Which of those scenarios do you prefer?

Beard And Mustache
Beard And Mustache

If you compare your answer to how women from New Zealand and Canada answered the question, you may be shocked to see how similar you really are, no matter where you live in the world.

Overwhelmingly, women preferred CLEAN SHAVEN MEN over those who had full beards.  

In the study, women were shown pictures of the same 19 men — men when they had full beards, and when they didn’t.   This eliminated any instance of attractiveness of the eyes or other non-beard features the men had that could influence a woman’s decision.

What the study also found, as they also asked men for their opinion as well – was that men thought that the bearded men looked older and angrier than their shaved counterpart.

On the other hand, beards added a bit of maturity, perceived higher social status, and more respect.

On psychologist, after seeing the study results, concluded that the way a man looks may influence how other men feel about them — but it doesn’t have much effect on how women feel about them, bearded or not.