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It’s true, because women said so: length doesn’t matter. Girth does.

Men — How do you feel about your junk?  Are you satisfied with what you have?

More importantly – is your partner satisfied with what you have?

Well, new research shows that maybe they aren’t as pleased with what you’re packing as you may think.   None of this should really be a surprise to anyone, but when we finally have facts to back up what folks always joked about — now we have something to talk about.  Let’s read on…

Penis Size--Does It Really Make a Difference?
Penis Size–Does It Really Make a Difference?

According to a survey in the BRITISH JOURNAL OF UROLOGY INTERNATIONAL, the following has been found to be true:

  • Men think length matters.  90% of women say girth is what they want.
  • 85% of women surveyed said they were perfectly happy with what their men had.
  • Race has no bearing on stereotypical penis size
  • The average penis size ranges from 5.5 to 6.2 inches long, and 4.7 to 5.1 inches in circumference

What do women look for in a man the most?  It’s not the size of their penis.

It’s their personality, and whether the man looks good and bathes regularly.

Sometimes a little grooming is all you need to do to land the woman of your dreams.