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It’s true: Men can tell when a woman is having her period, just by listening to her

Period.: A Girl's Guide
Period.: A Girl’s Guide

If there’s one thing that men have learned over the years, it’s that women can be moody once in a while.

And we all know what one of those causes of mood swings can be, don’t we?  Yes, yes we do.

But there is something that scientists have discovered that can help men avoid being in the line of fire when that moody time comes around… and it’s not nearly as complicated as keeping a diary of their own to document those moments.

According to Nathan Pipitone and Gordon Gallup, scientists at Adams State College and SUNY-Albany, MEN CAN DETERMINE WHEN A WOMAN IS HAVING HER PERIOD JUST FROM THE SOUND OF THEIR VOICE.  They found that 35% of the time, men could tell who was being visited That Month, just be listening to the voice.

It’s a study that you could duplicate at home, assuming that you have enough women in your life who would be willing to participate in your crazy games.

To duplicate the experiment, have 10 women record themselves counting from one to five — and have them do this at various times during the month (including while they’re having their period).

Play those recordings back in random order, and ask those listening which audio clips were from That Time.

The conclusion was that men were picking out the women who were menstruating by listening for what they determined to be the “most unattractive-sounding voice”.

The four key indicators that were judged were:

  • mood (good vs bad)
  • quality (harsh vs smooth)
  • pitch (low vs high)
  • speed (slow vs fast)

Based on these four criteria, women who were having their period were most often found to be speaking in a lower pitched voice, lower quality, and the one element that really doesn’t take a scientist to figure out, a bad mood.