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How to pick up a woman on the dance floor

Are you watching DANCING WITH THE STARS?  It’s been on two seasons a year for almost a decade as of this writing, and as of now it’s remained as popular as ever.

Why is that?  Is it the skimpy costumes on either the male or female contestants?

Is it the slightly double-entendre commentary by the judges during the reviews and scoring?

It can’t possibly be the quality of the dancing, could it be?

Sexy Wedding Cake Topper
Sexy Wedding Cake Topper

Yes, it actually could be the dancing that people are tuning in to watch.  And it’s not because the celebrities are actually good at dancing, but because the professionals know what special moves to have the celebrities do to make those celebrities LOOK better and sexier than they really are.

And it turns out that there is a SEXY SCIENCE TO SEXY DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY, as a recent study has determined that there are specific dance moves that women deem to be sexier and show more dancing competence than other dance moves are.

So according to the research, HOW SHOULD YOU DANCE TO ATTRACT WOMEN?  Just follow these steps:

  • Move the head, neck, and upper body.  A lot.  Large and varied movements of this area was viewed as very important
  • Move your legs fast.
  • Move your right leg, around the knee, a lot.   Do not bother to move your left leg, as women tended not to care about your left leg AT ALL
  • You don’t have to bother to move your arms.  Arm movement was rated as “not important” when determining overall dance skill.