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11 Better Ways to Burn Calories Than What You’re Doing Right Now

What is your favorite way to exercise, burn off some calories?

Do you wear your FITBIT and try to get in your 10,000 steps every day?  Do you step it up a notch and jog a little bit instead of merely running?  Jogging is supposed to be the best form of exercise you can get, right?

Or are you more of a bicycle enthusiast, riding your bike for 20 miles because you can?

While jogging and biking are definitely good, one of these is much more beneficial to you than the other.

Yoga for Regular Guys
Yoga for Regular Guys

Music Video

Video Fun: Why it takes three months to make a dance music video

This is what happens when you’re bored, have access to a Go-Pro camera, and can put together a dance routine that you film over and over and over, every day for three months straight.

How To

How to pick up a woman on the dance floor

Are you watching DANCING WITH THE STARS?  It’s been on two seasons a year for almost a decade as of this writing, and as of now it’s remained as popular as ever.

Why is that?  Is it the skimpy costumes on either the male or female contestants?

Is it the slightly double-entendre commentary by the judges during the reviews and scoring?

It can’t possibly be the quality of the dancing, could it be?

Sexy Wedding Cake Topper
Sexy Wedding Cake Topper

How To Music

How not to do a mixtape

Everyone prides themselves on being awesome at music selection.

At least, that’s what everyone’s iTunes mix tells us.  You go to one their parties, they put their iPod on “shuffle”, and for every one awesome song you have to sludge through two or three obscure tracks that are buried deep in their music catalog.

Love Is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time
Love Is a Mix Tape:
Life and Loss, One Song at a Time

Music Travel Video Websites

Video Fun: Where in the World is Matt 2012

Web Watch has mentioned Matt Harding before – he’s the guy who struck upon the absolutely perfect “job”, if you want to call it that, of traveling around the world and dancing.

And not just good dancing.

We’re talking really bad dancing.

And he’s been able to turn this hobby into a paying career of travel, music, Internet viral videos, and just bringing a little bit of joy and happiness to everyone he meets.

It’s a world-trotting flash mob.

10 Things Funny Music

The Worst Stripper Songs, Ever

So the other day, Web Watch was having some drinks with friends when the topic of party music came up.

Of course, we all broke out singing Red Solo Cup at the top of our lungs, much to the chagrin of our host as they had banned that song from any and all gatherings that they partake in.

Which only prompted us to sing the song louder and at every available opportunity.

And that’s when the conversation shifted from FUN PARTY SONGS to WORST SONGS FOR STRIPPERS TO DANCE TO.

The overall winner?

10 Things Funny

14 Worst Stripper Names

Web Watch has been reading the diary of the ANGRY STRIPPER, and has been quite amused by what Sarah has written thus far.

Who would have thought that dancers would have this much pent-up anger that forces them to write, write, write about their experiences and observations?

It does help when the stripper in question really is a writer, but that’s another post for another day.


Pole-Dancing Classes for Children

Are you looking for something for your kids to do this year for summer camp?

Why not send them away to LEARN HOW TO POLE DANCE?  All the kids are doing it, right?