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The 5 Worst Songs to Hear on Repeat

A few years ago when the TV show SURVIVOR was unique and different and much more awesome than it is today (not because today’s version is less challenging, but because Survivor has become more mainstream when compared to other programming — and because Web Watch has an awesome idea for Jeff Probst and crew that we’d love to see implemented on a future season of Survivor… if only Probst would return our calls)… where were we?

Ah – yes, a few years ago when the TV show SURVIVOR was unique and different, Web Watch helped with a promotion entitled URBAN SURVIVOR.  The premise was exactly the same, with contestants living in unfamiliar circumstances and having to compete in challenges to survive until the end.

So aside from feeding the contestants some unusual foods from the local farmers’ market, we had compiled a loop of THE MOST ANNOYING MUSIC IN THE WORLD to play on repeat for their “entertainment” (and our amusement).

We recall some of the songs on that list included:

  • The Oompa Loompa Song (all verses, original movie soundtrack)
  • Who Let The Dogs Out
  • Copacabana
  • Theme from it’s a small world
  • Tubthumping

And we’ve all read the stories about army tactics to play obnoxious music as a form of torture.

Perhaps we were thinking along the same lines as PROFESSIONAL KIDNAPPERS would choose to do, as outlined in the GQ ARTICLE ABOUT FAKING A KIDNAPPING.

In the article, the author writes about how his Fake Kidnappers tortured him by playing these five songs, over and over again on repeat.  The author calls these the FIVE WORST SONGS TO HAVE A KIDNAPPER PLAY FOR YOU ON REPEAT.

Now the ball’s in your court: what songs would YOU NEVER want to hear played for you on repeat for hours on end? Leave your suggestions in the comments below: