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Who is Jeff Probst’s Biggest Fan?

There are fans of the TV show SURVIVOR – like Web Watch and others we know, who enjoy the adventure and gameplay that Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett bring to our television screens each week (along with the hysterical ignorance of every contestant to Jeff’s constant advice to always be looking towards the end-game in determining how to best strategize your way to a $1 million dollar grand prize).

And there are Super Fans, folks who study every aspect of the show – who train themselves on show trivia and gaming techniques in the hopes that they too will be picked by the shows’ casting directors and added to the list of hundreds of Survivor contestants who have pushed themselves to the limits (both mental and physical) to claim the title of Ultimate Survivor.

Survivor - The Australian Outback: The Complete Second Season
Survivor – The Australian Outback: The Complete Second Season

and then there are the uber-fans.

People who obsess over the tiniest little detail… but not about the show, but about the contestants.

Darrell Wolcott is one such obsessed fan, and he has even created a website for his SURVIVOR COLLECTION, a gallery of autographs and photos that he’s obtained from the Survivor contestants themselves from various events and encounters.

And Darrell’s obsession really transcend’s being Jeff Probst’s biggest fan.  Darrell covers the gamut of everything Survivor.  Darrell is so obsessed with documenting every piece of Survivor that he comes across, that when it came time for finally getting a photo with Jeff Probst, he didn’t have a place on his website to post it – so he posted it right on the home page (“it seemed out of place anywhere else”).

Darrell has pages dedicated to his extensive autograph collection (broken out by season), along with a page showcasing what he calls his SURVIVOR CUTIES collection – dresses, bikinis, and even bras and underwear worn by various Survivor contestants on each of their respective seasons.  All of it meticulously catalogued, and much of it autographed.

In Darrell’s defense, he didn’t start out as a Survivor stalker, but rather became involved from a philanthropic side, by helping with Reality4Diabetes.  It was from that involvement and other sponsorships that he was able to grow his Survivor collection.

But his collection is not without some controversy.

Darrell has become such a standout in the Survivor fan community, that he claims CBS has placed him on an unofficial “enemies list”, which bars him from being able to attend any of the show’s live finales… although he does say that he’s attended nine Survivor finale tapings in spite of his alleged enemy status.

So, if you had to claim the title of “world’s biggest _______ fan”, what would YOU fill in the blank with?