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Should you take the stairs or take the elevator?

Should you take the elevator, or should you take the stairs?

This is really a first-world problem, but one that many people have to face every day.  Sometimes it is just easier to take the elevator than it is to take the stairs, no question.

But “easier” isn’t always the best answer.


Web Watch has done our own unscientific research and has determined that climbing stairs can be exhausting, but going down stairs isn’t so bad.

This mimics the ELEVATORS OR STAIRS STUDY done by some Canadian doctors to determine how beneficial using the stairs actually was.

They found that using the stairs, health benefits of doing so aside, actually saves time over waiting for an elevator to arrive, then ascend/descend.  All depending on how much you need to use the elevator in any given day – or how far you need to ride, you could end up saving yourself around 15 minutes of time every day.

15 minutes may not seem like a lot of time spent waiting to you, but it can add up to represent a significant amount of wasted energy that you could spend doing other, more productive things.

Like reading Web Watch.