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Using hospital elevators can kill you

Web Watch has told you about all the different ways physicians and other medical professionals spread germs and disease everywhere they go.

From dirty stethoscopes to dirty scrubs (or scrubs worn on airplanes, and then to who knows where!), nurses and doctors are constantly walking around in swirling packs of germs, like “Pigpen” from the Peanuts comic strip.

And it only gets worse from there.

Germ-X Wipes
Germ-X Wipes

Researchers have found YET ANOTHER PLACE THAT IS FESTERING WITH DISEASE that you will want to avoid like the plague:


They tested those hospital elevator buttons for contamination and found that 61% of buttons (either the call button outside the elevator or the floor buttons inside the elevator) contained various levels of staph or other germs.

Here’s the kicker:  germs found on elevator buttons were found in higher doses (61%) than on toilet areas like the toilet flush lever or door latches (43%).

On the other hand, 95% of hospital computer keyboards were also contaminated.  So be careful about what your doctor does during your examination as they go back and forth from the computer to you again.