Chances are your dentist does this… and it might kill you

Some people enjoy going to visit their dentist.  Many people don’t care for their annual visit and try to put it off as much as possible.

Maybe the people who don’t enjoy going to the dentist know something that the rest of us don’t:  that the Dentist is trying to kill you!

Toothbrush Sanitizer
Toothbrush Sanitizer

Perhaps unintentionally and unknowingly, but your DENTIST MAY BE DOING ONE THING that definitely can cause you more health-related issues than if they didn’t do this.

And according to a recent study – 70% OF DENTAL CLINICS ARE GUILTY OF THIS.

What’s that one thing that dentists do that is so harmful?

They don’t properly sterilize the dental drill.

Now we’re not talking about the part that does the work in your mouth against your teeth.  No, we’re talking about the handle of the drill.  The handle that gets splattered with your spit and blood and who knows what else comes out of your filthy, disgusting mouth and gets to spread to the next person that sits in that dental chair for their cleaning.

The fix is simple: sterilze the entire handle of the drill, and not just replace the tips.

Even covering the handle with plastic isn’t good enough — when was the last time you saw your dentist replace the “sterile plastic wrap” with a fresh version?  No – they probably leave it there all day long so they don’t have to bother re-wrapping the equipment between patients.

And don’t get us started on how they move around the office touching things with their dirty gloves, then putting their gloves in your mouth.  Sure, they may change their gloves between patients, but they’re not wiping down the chair, tray, light, and other equipment in the room along the way.

Say it with us:  “ewwwwww”.

Think about THAT next time you go to visit your dentist.  And don’t even think about where their scrubs have been that day.