Hate waiting in line at the store? Try waiting in line for over a month!

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Do you hate waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting to check-out and head back home with your cart full of groceries?

Are you easily aggravated by the idiot in front of you who decides to use the self-scan machines to meticulously and slowly scan and bag their cart that’s full of 100+ items, when all you need to do is buy that half-gallon of ice cream and six-pack of beer before heading on your merry way?  (Seriously – there should be a time limit on the self-scan machines: if you can’t scan your cart, pay, and get out of the way in less than 3 minutes, you need to be escorted directly to the end of the full-service line and clear the path for those of us who know what we’re doing.)

It ends up that a survey of British shoppers by an online shopping website has found that BRITONS SPEND OVER A MONTH OF THEIR LIFE WAITING IN LINE AT THE SUPERMARKET.

The survey calculated that a British shopper will spend about 15 minutes per week standing in the checkout line.  If you figure that the average adult will go grocery shopping for about 61 years (you certainly can’t count waiting in line while being pushed around by one’s parents — let’s begin counting when we’re a bit older and living on our own) – then the math works out to be 33 full days of time spent doing nothing but staring at the cover of the latest issues of Weekly World News or People magazine.