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Thank you, Ralph Bruno, for inventing the Cheesehead hat

Cheesehead Hat
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Foam hats of different designs have become ubiquitious at sporting events around the world.

From the original CHEESEHEAD first worn in 1987 at a White Sox/Brewers baseball game by inventor Ralph Bruno, to paws, bird claws, horseshoes, or any other mascot figure under the sun — you have FOAMATION to thank for your team spirit.

Foamation, the six-person company founded in 1987, has over $1 million in annual sales — not too shabby for an idea that started with some extra foam from Bruno’s mother’s sofa cut into a wacky headpiece.

Bruno tells stories of his friends laughing at him – avoiding, actually – when he first donned the original Cheesehead…. but it’s Bruno that’s laughing all the way to the bank now.

So from an original yellow wedge, Foamation has expanded into baseball hat-style cheese to top hat cheese and cheese earrings, for formal occasions.  They’ll do special orders too, if you have a local team or organization that feels the need to go with Big Foam for your own promotion.  Accept no substitutes!