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The Football Fan’s Guide to Wearing Your Team’s Jersey

Carolina Panthers Football Jersey - Steve Smith
Carolina Panthers Football Jersey – Steve Smith

If you’re a REAL football fan, you have at least one jersey in your closet to wear on game day.

At least one, because you have to have one of each team color – and perhaps some older jerseys of players you no longer care to support because the quit the team or were traded to the enemy.  God forbid that you go to a game wearing a jersey for a team that isn’t even playing that day…

Suffice it to say, there are a lot of RULES REGARDING THE RIGHT AND WRONG WAY TO WEAR A FOOTBALL JERSEY, thanks to our friend Josh.  Since it’s in the middle of football season right now, why not have a little refresher?  Here are three of the rules Josh pulled together — and he’s dead-on with his other observations.

  • Do not tuck the jersey in.  Attending a football game is not a formal affair.
  • If you have a beer gut, think twice.  See, this goes along with the “do not tuck jersey in” rule. Don’t look like you’re smuggling a beach ball, dude.  It’s uncool.
  • Don’t follow the crowd and pick the same player number everyone else has.  Either go OLD or go OBSCURE.  Web Watch is a fan of supporting players whose numbers have been retired. No fear of that player being traded, making your jersey choice obsolete or irrelevant.