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And the most popular, best-selling NFL football jersey is…

On any given Football Sunday, fans across the country dive into the back of their closets and pull out their favorite team/player’s jersey, slap it on, and head out to the sports bar to cheer their town’s gladiators on to victory.

Cam Newton Jersey
Cam Newton Jersey

The NFL and the NFL Players Association have a deal – every player’s jersey that’s sold, that player gets a small cut of the action.  The more popular the player is, the more jerseys they sell.  The more jerseys that get sold?  The more money that the player makes in commission for licensing their name to some NFL clothing.

Feel like personalizing your jersey?  The players don’t get a cut of that action.

Luckily, we have instant Internet sales charts helping us to IDENTIFY THE BEST SELLING NFL JERSEYS, broken down by the current week, by team, and from the start of the season.

As of this writing:

  • Over the course of the season, the best selling jersey has been Johnny Manziel, following by Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, and Luke Kuechly.
  • The top selling teams are the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, and the Carolina Panthers

Yeah, its not very scientific. Just one vendor’s take on how their sales are going.

But we gotta thank anyone who decides to mine their customer and sales data this way, as even in a microcosm it helps paint a picture of how NFL jersey sales are going across the country.