What’s the most popular airline seat?

Do you like to travel in comfort or style when you’re on an airplane?

We’ve pointed out SeatGuru and other ways to pick out the best airplane seat to our Web Watch readers in the past, so we won’t hash over that again.  But frequent flyers have indicated some trends that you should be aware of the next time you decide to book your own flight.

What the airlines don't tell you
What the airlines don’t tell you

According to SURVEYMONKEY SURVEY, here are some interesting frequent flier habits that you may want to take advantage of on your next trip:

  • In general, the window seat is preferred only slightly over the aisle seat.  Nobody likes the middle seat.
  • But if you’re a frequent flier, you prefer the aisle seat more than the window, if you have a choice.  It’s likely due to the “quick exit” or “easy access” aspect of the seat rather than not liking the window choice.
  • The higher your annual household salary, the more likely you would prefer the aisle over the window
  • Men like the aisle seat more than the window seat compared to women.

So the next time you’re walking down the aisle of the plane, take a look around.  Chances are, the men sitting on the aisle are frequent flying, high-household income folks.  So be sure not to touch them as you walk by.